We’re BA-ack!

You’re still packing your Christmas junk in your attic –

We’ve got a site plan and lay out started, AND a new website!!

“It’s our world, Boss, we can do whatever we want.” — Dr. Jeffrey W. Zolkiewicz

And so the Journey beginsph-ph-2441981-cc-mt-airy-haunt-1-ng-jpg-20151026

We’re taking a sincere run at getting a haunt off the ground this Fall.  Nay…we are taking a sincere run at getting THEE Haunt of All Haunts of the ground.

So bookmark our page, and check back for blog posts (and we always try to make them enjoyable), and updates on the build, the haunt dates (maybe THREE nights?), the preview party, and the back story!

The working theme is:

The Church of the Poisoned Mind

But we pride ourselves in being both indecisive and faithless, so we may abandon that.

We can promise you this – this is likely to be the single largest private community haunt site you will ever experience.  5 separate rooms/buildings, mazes, jumpers, effects, actors….

It’s gonna be LIT

1 thought on “We’re BA-ack!

  1. Looking forward to getting back to work!

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