Fickle and Fiendish

It’s that time of year…

The skies are dark forever.  The wind is cold and painful.  Chill and snow taunt and torture.

It’s the time of the Winter Witch

The white powdered hag.  Fickle and fiendish.  Roiling and screaming her cold torment and helplessness.

She stalks the long dark nights, entombing all indoors – where there is little to do7038576_636197533990758242 but grind your teeth and ponder her wrath and cruelty.

And thus, we reflect.

Will we dust off the cobwebs and tackle a massive haunt?  Will execute the massive plan we have been cogitating for years now?  Will our souls conjure the energy and strength required to commit to the effort?

Like a conniving and cruel Witch, we bide our time.  We plot our course.  We calculate our price.  We bide our time and wait for the moment to strike.

Witch errr Watch this space


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