Help Wanted?

Necrosis Valley’s absence for the last few years is not from laziness, or apathy.

Simple fact is, as exciting and rewarding as haunt night is, and as much FUN the Build itself is, the Build is a BITCH.

Normally, a fairly well-developed concept hatches in the late Winter, early Spring, and deign concepts and layouts follow. Then the big-ticket items go into development. For MONTHS, we spend hundreds if not thousands of hours and hours on the site, working in the garages or in The Annex creating, painting, detailing, automating, programming, and scheming. There are props, costumes, buildings, music, sound effects, animatronics, lighting, safety, crowd management, themes, web-management, “marketing,” fog and ground effects, MEDIA SCRUMS, etc. It’s a BIG deal to create this puppy!

In the past, we have leveraged a LOT of help from the Art Department (a big fancy and now insulting term for our kids) who always pitch in the help. But of our gang of 10, 5 of us have full time jobs, 2 play high school sports, and 3 are away at college. In fact, since our last haunt, 4 of our kids have gone off to college – so, our help has evaporated.

The BIGGEST gap is the lack of ACTORS.

2015 Contagion Scare Team

In 2015, as many as 20 people manned the haunt during show nights. That’s a LOT of people. We need folks for actors, safety and fire watch, crowd management, operations, troubleshooting, and glad-handing!

In order for 2019 to happen, we are more and more convinced that we may have to do the unthinkable…

Allow Outsiders into our bizarre inner circle.

NVH “Inner Circle”


Someone needs to babysit Jeff and Greg


We may soon open the books and recruit for Build help, actors, haunt night help, crowd management, marketing.

NDA’s required

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