The Season of the Which

Don’t know what it is, but I’ve always had “a thing” for witches.  Not, like, a physical attraction or anything like that – but just a “thing.”  They have always fascinated me.  Take just a few examples…

Evvvvvvvery kid had an opinion about the Wicked Witch of the West, or Glinda.  And watching the Wicked Witch of the East’s feet shrivel up under the house?  Classic.

Wilhelmina W. Witchiepoo from H.R. Pufnstuf made me laugh my ass off as a kid.  Sweet Ol’ Billie Hayes, who played her, just died a few months back – rest her soul. Fun fact, Billie also played Weenie the Genie in the total weed-induced-head-trip-fest that was Sid and Marty Croft’s Lidsville.  Those guys HAD to have been straight up burners.

Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Game of Thrones, MacBeth all feature witches.  Jack Nicholson in Witches of Eastwick was classic.  Samantha and Tabitha.

Charles Manson’s horrifying “leave something witchy” quote…

The Salem Witch Trials

The Belle Witch, to THIS DAY terrifies me – this story of “Old Kate Batts’ witch” or “Kate” … shudder.  Google it.  Absolutely gives me chills.  Whatever the hell THAT thing was gives me the creeps.

Can’t sleep on “The Blair Witch Project” … most of that was filmed only about 20 miles from here at Seneca Creek State Park, and Burkittsville, Maryland, site of the fictional witch story is but 30 miles away.  Props for the local tie-in.

As a child, on visits to my grandparents home deep in farmland in Western Maryland, we passed a home inhabited by a truly unsettling old woman who was ALWAYS standing alone on her porch and ALWAYS staring us down coldly as we drove past.  I swear, to me, her home would seem to fade to gray and colorless, her thinned stringy long gray hair never seemed to move as she stared silently as we glided past.  She was rumored to be a witch – but was likely just an old lady.  But she unsettled me.  Sleeping in that stone farmhouse miles from anything knowing she was just a few hills over????  Yeesh!

As an adult boater with a fond interest in sea tales and shipwrecks, I am taken by the lore of the Winter Witch whispered to haunt Cape Henlopen, DE.  She was purported to have spun up the squall sinking the HMS DeBraak – and is still believed by some to roam the wreck grounds – perhaps even visiting salvage efforts in 1986, upending the ship as it was raised and retiring its contents to the sea floor below in perpetuity.

And something about “The Craft” … that movie is a guilty pleasure.

Anyway…witches, man.

But, then there’s WHICH’s.  Which way do we take this web site?  Which way do we spend effort in the Fall season, which for years, held us spell-bound to our task to build a massive haunt which you frequented.  Which year do we finally do it again, or declare it forever DOA? 

Which brings me to this – this year’ Season of the Which. We have decided which course to take.  Which is why I finally get to the point of this post – which would YOU rather do?  Work 7 months on a haunt and watch it fail when the Winter Witch brings us early snow, Superstorm Sandy, or COVID 19?  Do nothing?  Or maybe an outdoor fall music event sitting around firepits, pumpkins, and hay bales listening to an amazing performer in this season which is so rich and wonderful?

Soon, it will be the Season of the Witch and this Season we know which way we will switch.


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