Meet Chopper

Chop glad-hands with the boys

Tall, dark, and MANsome.

6′ 3″ of Autumnal Audacity.         

Chopper Valley

The Chop

Chopper burst onto the Haunt Scene in 2011 when he auditioned for a part in the NVH Meats haunt.  Perfect for the part?  It was like he was MADE for the part.

Rare audition photo of Valley trying out for Meats Haunt

Chopper was an instant success, a regular Lin-Manuel Miranda.

His star grew quickly.  Within a few short years, Chopper was no longer acting in haunts, but attracting in haunts. 

Chopper poses for a photo with some drunk Rando

In 2015, Chopper hosted the haunt, greeting visitors, signing autographs, and posing for selfies. 

Dark days followed for Chopper.  In 2018, after being out of work for several years, he was found emaciated and dehydrated in a shed in Northern Maryland.  He was rushed to the Annex where it was determined he would need to undergo a procedures knows as “radial BTH Anastomosis,” a connection made surgically between adjacent blood vessels, parts of the intestine, or other channels of the body, or the operation in which this is constructed.

Valley meets with a nurse to discuss options

In other words, years of neglect resulted in a needed for head replacement.

While Chopper recently received notification that a donor head was available, the procedure as not yet been completed.

Chopper’s spirits remain high and he has been spotted out and about, making the most of his life and planning for a momentous return to the public eye. 

Meanwhile, you can find him on Instagram, or resting near the Inland Dock Bar, where he has taken up residence.  Drop by and say hello.

Valley in a lake on the mountain
Valley participates in charity lawn care fundraiser
Chopper readies for Spring holiday
Chopper and NVH staff at Haunt craft truck
Valley fishing at undisclosed compound (lost in subsequent bankruptcy)
Chopper receiving Meats Haunt offer letter
Valley buys ice cream for truckload of orphans
Chopper NVH promotional photo shoot
Valley tends bar in Vermont – Circa 1985
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