The Annex

Seems like every successful business starts in a garage. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Disney, and Necrosis Valley Haunts. But few business thrive in a garage, except, for like, you know, auto shops and tire dealers…which literally thrive in garages.

The Secret Bunker – Obscured from prying eyes

Shortly after we got NVH off the ground, we realized we couldn’t work on props in our garages year round, otherwise, we’d basically like, not have a garage. And where then would we store all our crap?

Luckily, Greg had built a decent sized shed/workshop with both a large double door and a smaller entryway. It also boasts overhead storage, an electrical feed, heaters, AC, and typically some variety of alcohol or boxed wine.

Inside the Annex

The Annex got its name from being called the Annex. Probably just “happened” during an unremarkable text exchange similar to, “Hey Jeff, got a minute?” “Yep. You in the garage?” “Negative. I am in the annex.” “Roger that. Drinking?” “Am I in the annex? Then YES.” “Be by in 5.”

Simple – inelegant – effective

The Annex

And so it became the Annex. In many ways, it’s become Haunt HQ. Many if not most of the large-ish props props birthed in there. And virtually all of the automation, pneumatics, and prop controller work happens in the Annex. Here are some examples:

The Contagion Effect prop was a pretty cool feature – built in the Annex
The Claw prop was also completed in the Annex

Development of the Exploding Fuse Box for the Contagion Haunt

Beyond it’s stated purpose, let’s cut to the chase – it’s a hang out. It’s a club house. It’s a Man Cave of sorts. It’s where the magic happens – the magic of enjoying every rancid minute of Haunt season!

Drop by!
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