Frazier Falls

If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?

360 degrees and he chose THAT radii

If Necrosis Valley doesn’t haunt, is there a haunt?

If I write a blog, and no one reads it, why am I writing?

Big Trees Fall Hard

And sometimes that fall creates history.

Down Goes Frazier

Undisputed heavyweight champion Joe Frazier and the number one ranked heavyweight George Foreman brawled in Jamaica in 1972.  Foreman (yes – the grill man) pummeled Frazier, scoring a technical knockout at 1:35 of the second round to dethrone Frazier and become the new undisputed heavyweight champion. 

The fight is remembered almost more for Howard Cosell’s legendary call, “Down Goes Frazier!  Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier!”

Big tree falls hard.

True Dis

Sometimes the fall creates concern – in 2013, while trying to saw down the Keller Tannenbaum, Greg had (what he believed was) a (another) near fatal cardio event (READ:  “out of shape slob”).  The Frasier Fir fell hard that day too.

Sometimes, it’s beautiful – I hear Frazier Falls Trail in California is gorgeous in the Spring. 

Maybe a little bush lives here, I don’t know…
Straight Up Pompous Dumbass

And other Frasier falls are just damned hilarious – like when Kelsey Grammer fell off the stage while pontificating at a Disney event.  It would not be the LAST time Frazier Fell…I mean, coke, cheating, sex tapes…dude has fallen more than home values under George Bush.

And so fell my heart when my son showed me the 2019 varsity football schedule.

Gang, this could not be more crushing … as a parent, you simply cannot skip the final game of the season (before playoffs start the next week) to play Halloween games, and thus, I am hard-pressed (like a man under a fallen oak tree) to imagine how we could do a multi-night haunt if FRIDAY night is already locked out. 

That Feeling when the Haunt may have imploded already

Now, this is NOT necessarily a death knell – Kelsey got up, Frazier fought again, we had a nice tree that year, the dude in the other GIF walked away alive, and Frazier Falls is gorgeous, but…this is a BIG stumbling block to manage

If a tree falls on your plans…

If I write a blog

Will JEFF even read this???????

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