In the Beginning…

I’m not even captioning this one – I will instead, just bow, humbly

The haunt is without form.  Void and darkness are on the face of the abyss.

NOTHING is better than the beginning…or the photo i made to the right.  I could stop this post right there and claim victory.

But, we are, in fact, at the Beginning.  In the beginning, no idea is wrong.  No change is a burden.  Nothing is wasted.  Nothing is impossible.  Nothing is too soon.  Nothing is too late.  Nothing is too ambitious.  Nothing is out of bounds.

It’s the Genesis.  It’s time to Turn It On Again.  Time to create.  Create everything.  Prop and structure, create them.  From the Land of Confusion which swirls at the beginning, create those subtle mixes of light.  Separate the light from the darkness.  Let the haunt teem with all the living creatures.  That’s All.

What the Beginning looks like

A handful of ideas, a concept, but nothing formed.  This is the beginning.

In many ways, The Beginning is the absolute best part….it is the essence of why we do this.  It is the seedbed for the creative process.  The vast “nothing” is an exquisite canvas on which we create.  It’s an opportunity to explore an endless warehouse of possibilities.  It’s the time to cogitate the vast fields of potential twists and turns.  It’s the time to wonder, what will the theme be?  What prop will we never get right?  What prop will stun us in its inadvertent perfection?  What element will folks remember?  What element will fail miserably (I’m looking at you, Mr. Fuzzy Spider).  What actor will steal the show?

Thumbs up on this prop/costume blend from the Contagion Haunt

Make No Mistake, here in early February, we’ve got good and BAD ideas!  In the past, we have dreamed up incredibly detailed props only to find they were completely overlooked by visitors.  Conversely, we have dropped an actor behind a curtain at the last minute and found it to be the biggest thrill of the night.  We toiled for weeks to build a fully function human body grinder, the “Bonebrake and Dahmer Sinew Shredder 3400.”  It was a work of art…and…it went up in flames…literally.  A Man On the Corner alerted us, and the fire was doused.  We have conjured heart stopping, stomach churning human pelts, burn victims, and amputees.  We have created contagion, vile meats, exploding fuse boxes, blood-dripping tombstones, and endless hallways.  But we also created a clown cannon which melted in the rain, groundbreakers which rattled to pieces, and tombstone mounts which were shredded by the winds.  We endured Superstorm Sandy, freak snowstorms, and fog crushing winds.  We live and learn.  Our creations adapt.

But it’s Not About Us. It’s about the Genesis. The start. The Beginning. Our ideas swirl – they become fruitfull. They multiply. There is evening. There is morning….the First Day.

This damned prop jumped when it was off, and didn’t when it was on. Literally took on a life of it’s own



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